Stand Out in Tech Job Applications

Stand Out in Tech Job Applications
Stand Out in Tech Job Applications

Usually, I am able to grab the attention of companies or recruiters when applying for a tech job. Not because of seniority level but applying the proper strategy that I learned over these years.

No fancy stuff I promise. My aim is to be authentic and provide real value to my community.

So, here are the 6 steps I take to ensure you will stand out from other candidates.

Target the right industry.

If you have previous experience in eCommerce, there is a higher chance that they will be interested in you, as your interests align with theirs. So, when sending applications, try to target industries that are related to your field rather than randomly applying.

Yes, product knowledge is just as important as tech skills. If there are 5 candidates and they have almost the same level of experience they will prioritize those who have the same interests as the company.

It's not only limited to previous experience. If you have related side projects that you're proud of, aim for companies with similar ideas.

No fancy resumes.

Recruiters won't read a resume if it's filled with too many colours and graphics. You're not applying as a graphic designer. Instead, focus on adding value not fancy design. More design means you have nothing to show so you are covering gaps by adding icons or images.

In fact, recruiters skim through resumes to catch keywords; otherwise, it could take them days to read through all the submitted applications.

Be precise and on-point in resumes.

Don't write about how you implemented the feature. Instead, focus on the value that the feature contributed to the overall company's success. Write a few points that you are proud of and that have made a great impact on the company.

For each experience, you can include a keywords section to highlight the technologies used which can help the reader understand what tools are used. While skimming a resume these keywords (make it bold) could be noticed by a recruiter.

If you are publishing blog posts, contributing open-source or have social links as proof of experience, you are one step ahead. Recruiters will appreciate real examples of your work and it's motivating them to prioritize you amongst other candidates.

Additionally, it shows you’re disciplined by regularly sharing your knowledge and contributing to the community.

Your GitHub is more important than LinkedIn.

Make your GitHub profile outstanding. The development team will probably check your code so make sure you feature the projects with quality code and the tools that the job requires.

That's why it's important to constantly learn something new or regularly contribute by pushing commits. The more active your commit board is, the more you are the type of person who grows daily.

Briefly introduce yourself when submitting.

This is an optional field, but it plays a main role in the game. Remember that recruiters won't see your resume or previous experience unless they download it.

You have to know how to sell your service. So write a brief description about yourself and highlight if you had a similar experience to make sure your resume will be downloaded.


To conclude, standing out from other candidates in the tech job market requires a strategic approach. By following these steps, you can increase your chances of grabbing the attention of companies and recruiters in the competitive tech industry.

Wish you good luck throughout your job search journey!

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