BattlePlan - Notion Template for Developers with Tight Deadlines

BattlePlan - Notion Template for Developers with Tight Deadlines
BattlePlan - Notion Template for Developers with Tight Deadlines
What is BattlePlan?
Managing commitments with tight deadlines can be challenging, especially when dealing with messy backlogs. That's where BattlePlan comes in. It streamlines the process by narrowing the focus on specific releases that require fast planning, development, and release.

💡Story behind the idea

I had in a situation where our team needs to fulfill several commitments and also resolve technical debts within a short timeframe. All of them are in high priority, but they involve different contexts.

The development team negotiated the deadline and capacity with the project manager. However, sometimes business level management leaving the team with no other options and at this point both sides are stuck.

❓Which agile method fits more to this situation?

Working with sprints - Team discussing the problems with PM and creating tickets based on PM’s requirements and need to estimate the tickets where it could lead arguing over decisions and deadlines. Usually it leads nowhere and same topic recursively going around and leaves everyone blocked.

Working with Kanban - This is not even considered as an option when the team is racing against time. Adding them as tasks to the current backlog could make it even more challenging to track progress and potentially lead to missing some of the parts.

🎯Solution with BattlePlan

Think of BattlePlan as an emergency tool that allows you to leave the current board behind and focus specifically on given requirements within a certain period of time.

  1. Requirements need to be properly discussed internally and also with stakeholders to gain more insight into what needs to be done and potentially reduce unnecessary work. BattlePlan template includes section for gathering feedback per sessions and keep them organised.
  2. Once the feedback and ideas have been discussed, the team needs to handle tasking. This involves creating tickets under specific releases. Release is a collection of tickets that are related to a specific goal or feature. It helps in organizing and tracking the progress of the tasks.
  3. Split the team into squads (minimum group of 2 people) and assign releases to each squad. Each squad should have a clear understanding of their assigned release and work collaboratively to achieve the milestones set for them.

BattlePlan has ready-to-use task templates that help assignees fully understand the context and goal. Each task has a manday property to estimate the time required to complete it. This allows the team to effectively allocate their time and prioritize tasks based on their urgency.

🧪 Other use cases of BattlePlan

The BattlePlan is not limited to such situations. You can also use it for NCTs (Narrative, Commitments, Tasks) to properly organize ideas and feedback, and track the progress.

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BattlePlan | Notion Template
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